History of the Department Of Obstetrics and Gynaecology No 1

Department of Obstetrics and hinekolohiyi №1 Medical Faculty

Address: m. Ternopil, st .. Castle, 10.

Telephone: (0352) -52-50-19, (0352) - 25-48-91.

Department of Obstetrics and hinekolohiyi №1 Medical Faculty is located at the Ternopil regional clinical perinatal center "Mother and Child".


chair - Professor. Larisa Mikhailovna Malanchuk

1 Professor: SV Hmil;

5 Department: IM Malanchyn, Z.M.Kuchma, L.I. Romanchuk, L.Ye.Lymar, O.A.Franchuk

1asystent: LO Krasnyanskaya and laboratory.

Prof. LM Malanchuk led the team in 2005 after the reform departments, when there was the need to create separate departments for training Ukrainian

Educational work department

The department has students IV-VI course of medical faculty, IV course dental and pharmaceutical faculties, the Institute of Nursing. In order for learning modern techniques fully used material base Ternopil regional perinatal center "Mother and Child", which concentrates all complicated obstetric and gynecological pathology city and the region. All teachers of the department have extensive practical experience in the field of maternal and child health and happy to pass it to students. Daily workshops first 4 academic hours students work at the bedside of the patient, which makes it possible to bring the learning process to practice.

In writing V student of the course of academic study used established history at the department and published typographic way "stationary card gynecological patient", which fully reproduces the document used in daily practice gynecologist. To facilitate the preparation of students for passing MATRIKULA and objective structured clinical examination to each class developed "Protocols", reflecting the core issues of a topic. When writing learning stories births fourth year students of the Medical Faculty protocols used by MOH Ukraine to conduct physiological births, which also brings the learning process to practice.

Seminary classes with students of 6 courses leading head. Department, Professor Malanchuk LM

In the performance of practical classes students 4-6 courses used standard algorithms communication skills of obstetrics and gynecology in the survey of pregnant women, rodil, childbirth, gynecological patients, physical examination methods, report the results of the survey, planning and forecasting results of conservative and surgical treatment, treatment prognosis message . Ability to apply communication skills assessed lecturer during the practical part of the lesson.

Preparation for licensing examination "2" is performed by solving daily problems with the bank "Step 2" for 30 minutes. The students not only choose the right answers, but also justify each response based on the content problem. In addition, the available set of problems with "Step 2" for rehulyarnohoprovedennya control. works. It also provides relevant results: this exam on the subject "Obstetrics and Gynecology" Our students always take one of the first places in Ukraine, and in 2011 - the first.

Workshop phantom 6 courses with students conducting

head. prof. LM Malanchuk

Prof. LM Malanchuk conducting practical classes for students 6 courses in the delivery room.

Of particular interest to students listen to lectures head. Department, Professor. LM Malanchuk, which always shows interesting cases from practice.

Great methodical work carried all the teachers, and especially - the head teacher Assoc. Malanchyn IM

Zavuch Department Assoc .. IM Malanchyn matrikula takes 5th year students

The department is actively working on writing textbooks for students. Vydani textbooks "Obstetrics", "Hinekolohiya", "Nursing in akusherstvi", "Nursing in hinekolohiyi" for students of higher educational institutions I-II levels of accreditation, "Hinekolohiya" for students of higher educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation. Part 52 article on the problems of teaching work.

The use of clinical protocols and tools MoH Ukraine WHO to ensure safe motherhood at workshops promotes communication skills and the algorithm of future physician in obstetrics pathology.

Research interests Department staf

The department conducted research on the topic "Development and implementation of effective methods and means of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of women's reproductive health and perinatal health of the fetus", examines the peculiarities of vahitnosti i piznih labor with preeclampsia, ekstrahenitalniy pathology. In the future planned introduction of minimally invasive surgeries, including uterine surgery. In the area of ​​scientific interest and collective issues i menopausal osteoporosis, the impact ovarioektomichnoho syndrome, hysterectomy and early klimaksu on endocrine status of women and changes in bone tissue density.

Research results obtained by staff of the department published in scientific journals, covered on both scientific and practical conferences of regional importance, and on national and international participation, which according to the plan of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine organizes, along with others, and our department. Person responsible for the scientific work of the department is Assoc. Lymar LE

Many times employees of the department participated in the congresses and plenums obstetricians Ukraine, which dealt with topical issues of reproductive health and perinatology.

Every year at the NOC "Red Cranberry" department organizes scientific conferences "Reproductive health of women: Problems and Solutions".

Head. Department Larisa Mikhailovna Malanchuk is a member of the editorial board of the journal "Current issues of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology", which annually from 2009 published in the publishing house "Ukrmedknyha" SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Gorbachevskogo "and included in the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine.

Professors of the department: Malanchuk LM, Hops SV Zhyliaiev MI members of the Specialized Scientific Council of the defense of dissertations on specialty "Obstetrics and Gynecology" and "Pediatrics".

Scientists departments constantly use new information technology to keep pace with global advances in science in the field of reproductive health. Prospects for research aimed at improving women's reproductive function and reduce perinatal losses.

Main scientific achievements of the department.

The most significant scientific achievements by 2007-2011r.r. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology №1 is: the new way to treat dysfunctional uterine bleeding through antihomotoxic drugs, treatment of placental insufficiency using ozone therapy developed programs differentiated treatment of pregnant women with subclinical hypothyroidism.

In 2007 made of experimental research. The model of toxic hepatitis in animals and its influence on the function of the genitals. A new method for correction of dysmenorrhea chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Developed and put into practice measures prevention of bleeding in early pislyapolohovomu periodi, new schemes of treatment of inflammatory diseases of internal women's genitals using enterosorbents, antioxidants, and imunomodulyatoriv antyseptykiv.

Based on in-depth study of complex systems immunogenesis, homeostasis, microbiota, utero-placental circulation fruit Criteria for early diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, the criteria for predicting the possibility of this complication in pregnant women with hypertensive disorders against the background of extragenital pathology.

Developed new methods of treatment: a method of treating cervical dysplasia against the backdrop of HPV infection using radio-wave method using the apparatus "Surhytron" and antiviral drugs, treatment for infertility endocrine genesis, rehabilitation of patients after laparoscopic intervention in tubal infertility.

Clinical and consulting work

The organization of health care for women and mothers is a priority of the department of obstetrics and gynecology №1, and based on state programs "Reproductive health of the nation for the period till 2015", "National Action Plan to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child."

The department is located at the Ternopil regional clinical perinatal center "Mother and Child", which concentrates the most difficult obstetric and gynecological pathology city and the region. Over the last 5 years was reorganized base, which is a Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 1: on the basis of Ternopil city municipal maternity home was established perinatal center "Mother and Child", which was launched on 01.01.2008. In 2011, he received the status of the regional clinical perinatal center "Mother and Child" (TOKPTS) from the polyclinic departments.

Hospitals, on which works department of obstetrics and gynecology №1 belongs to the third level of care. With the introduction of European standards for assisting mother and child, which is actively involved employees of the department, OKPTS "Mother and child" among the few other institutions Ukraine was granted the status of institution "Hospital Baby Friendly".

Stationary department regional clinical perinatal center designed for 162 beds and include six offices: the maternity ward; intensive care and newborns; Department of Pathology of pregnancy and extragenital pathology; operative gynecology department of minimally invasive technologies block anesthesiology and intensive therapy of gynecological patients; department of gynecology beds, child and adolescent gynecology beds of fetal medicine and pathology early pregnancy; neonatal intensive care; Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of efferent therapy methods. This material resources is fully used for therapeutic and advisory work by the department. All employees of the department are certified by medical category 7 have higher 1 - the first category.

Professors and associate professors regularly conduct rounds in the departments of perinatal center, and exercise treatment and advice to the population of the region, leading advisory branch consultative reception in the center. Nayskladnishi akusherski hinekolohichni operations and employees of the department executed (professors and associate professors).

Head of the department prof. Malanchuk LM advising patients with severe preeclampsia in the department of pathology of pregnancy

Department staff provide assistance to the most complex and demanding cases. In just the past 5 years we have conducted about 1,500 operations. Urhentni duty provided in the perinatal center and to the regional territorial center of urgent medical care. Only during epidemic of "swine" flu members of the department conducted 98 consultations pregnant women and mothers rodil with severe disease.

Employees of the Department holds regular clinical and patolohoanatomichni conference, put into practice scientific achievements of the department and new methods of treatment according to the protocol Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Prospects for the department.

To improve the practically-oriented and cyclic training at the department plan to purchase modern training equipment, current obstetric phantom simulating physiological childbirth, set for resuscitation of newborn phantom gynecologic laparoscopic skills to master and intrauterine operations.

The demographic situation in the Ternopil region, as in Ukraine characterized by reduced fertility rates, high total, maternal and infant mortality. Because of obstetrics and gynecology №1 in medical practices based on the project "New Life - a new quality of maternity and childhood", guided by the need to implement highly effective medical technologies to ensure a high level of diagnostic and treatment process, resulting in a possible provision of health care for women available any extragenital pathology or in case of pathological pregnancy.

The main scientific direction of the department is studying the impact on pregnancy, childbirth, the fetus after birth different types extragenital pathology. This area is very important, as the number of pregnant women with pathology estrahenitalnoyu growing. Among extragenital prevails diabetes, which significantly affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development in utero, congenital and acquired heart defects in pregnant women.

In gynecological practice should first introduce a minimally invasive surgical intervention organ, which is especially important in the reproductive age women. Department staff will constantly improve methods of intrauterine surgery, laparoscopic surgery, various types of plastic surgery. In the arsenal of treatment of common gynecological diseases faculty department widely uses modern techniques of the latest scientific developments.

Developing a program for the wider introduction of telemedicine, namely, conducting lectures On-line- involving leading European experts obstetricians on actual problems of modern perinatology.

The department developed a program of scientific research processing efficiency in advanced medical technologies Perinatology, in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of women's reproductive health. This work the guys actively involved in student scientific circle.